All I ever wanted to do was learn languages.

While I was at school, they were the only thing I thought would take me somewhere in life. Now, as an adult, languages meld with philosophy and wellbeing, relationships and people – so much so that my humble site here is built upon it.

It’ll be mostly my creative pursuits that I publish here, just to prove to myself I am actually capable. But please, stick around, join me and let’s see where it takes us!

So, here you can expect posts on:

  • Languages
  • Philosophy
  • Poetry and Literature
  • Wellbeing
  • …and, in some way in which I’m as yet unaware, how those all connect to create the good life.
Louis Glen (lingualouis)
Louis Glen (lingualouis)

Philosophy student, world citizen and language fanatic, posting creative pursuits and seeing what happens 🙂